Coupon Submission

After having marked your selections on the coupon you submit it to the Point of Sale. The Agent or Seller will pass your coupon through the reader of the on-line terminal. With this action your selections will be instantly transferred to the Central System. A ticket with all the relevant information will be printed and handed over to you, once you pay the corresponding amount.

You may also participate in any of the National Lottery Games and Additional Games by verbally passing on your selections to the Agent or Seller at an authorised MALTCO LOTTERIES Point of Sale.

Ticket Information

A ticket is an entry in any National Lottery Game and Additional Game and includes any document or code evidencing the right of participation by its holder to the relative game s/he has participated in. The printed ticket contains all your selections, based on which your participation in the relative National Lottery Game and Additional Game is confirmed.

The ticket is the unique valid document for claiming your prize/s. Following is the information your ticket will include, depending on the game selected:

    • Logo of the Game.
    • Serial and control number (CRC Number).
    • Barcode number.
    • Information identifying the Point of Sale from where the ticket was purchased.
    • Number and/or Date of the first draw that your ticket participates in.
    • Price of ticket.
    • Numbers played or prognostics.
    • Number of consecutive draws that your ticket participates in where applicable.

It is your responsibility before leaving the Point of Sale, to ensure that the selections printed on the ticket are the ones you chose.

Ticket cancellation

Ticket cancellation may take place from the same terminal at the Point of Sale from where the ticket was issued. The ticket will be cancelled by the on-line terminal. The time limit for canceling your ticket in the case of Lotto and Super 5 is ten (10) minutes from the time when the ticket was issued, provided that the cancellation takes place before the game period elapses.

For Quick Keno, tickets may be cancelled up to 15 seconds before the start of the subsequent draw, and for U*BET FOB and U*BET HR cancellation is up to 5 minutes after the ticket is issued or until the start of the first event in chronological order included on the coupon, whichever is the earliest. Please refer to each Game's Player's Booklet for further information. You have the right to a refund of your stake.