Self Test on
Responsible Gaming
Take a few minutes to participate in this self test to
understand what kind of player are you.

Have you ever attempted to go back to gamble the next day, wishing to win the money you had lost the previous day?


Have you ever been absent from work due to gambling?


Is there anyone who was has criticised you for your gambling behavior?


Have you ever tried to resist gambling but unable to do so?


Has gambling ever made your home life unhappy?


Have you ever felt guilty after gambling a considerable amount of money?


Have you ever considered or actually borrowed money to finance your gambling?


Did gambling ever cause you trouble to sleep?


If you have answered 'Yes' most of the above question, you might want to seek Help or Guidance.

In Malta 3 centers offer free consultation and treatment to Gamblers.

You can contact:

Sedqa: 23885110 / OR
Gambling Anonymous: 25906600 / OR
Responsible Gaming Foundation: 1777 /

For further information you may also contact our
Helpline Centre on 23883333