Participation Method

You can only participate in the game by buying a Bingo75 ticket as printed from the terminal at any MALTCO LOTTERIES Point of Sale. The ticket will only be valid, immediately following the purchase, for the game draw specified on the ticket.

A unique Bingo75 ticket containing minimum one (1) grid will be generated and printed from the terminal upon demand. You cannot choose the numbers printed on the Bingo75 ticket.

A Bingo75 ticket is the only valid proof of participation and this has to be presented in order to claim prizes. Prizes won can be claimed up to 60 days following the day of the draw.

Cancellation of a Bingo75 Ticket

Cancellation of a Bingo75 ticket may only take place at the place of purchase and through the same terminal from which it was printed. Cancellations can occur up to 10 minutes after the ticket is issued, and only up to five (5) minutes before the start of the Draw Presentation.

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