Ticket Description

Each Bingo75 ticket consists of at least one (1) Bingo75 grids printed in a 5 numbers by 5 numbers grid format and up to three (3) grids per ticket depending on the frequency of the draws.

In the case of up to three (3) daily draws, you may participate with a ticket consisting of three (3) grids.

In the case of more than three (3) and up to twenty (20) draws per day you may participate with a ticket consisting of minimum one (1) grid.

Each grid will consist of 24 out of the possible 75 numbers on 5 rows and 5 columns.

The numbers in the grids will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st column with numbers between 1-15:
  • 2nd column with numbers between 16-30:
  • 3rd column with numbers between 31-45:
  • 4th column with numbers between 46-60:
  • 5th column with numbers between 61-75:

The middle cell of each grid displays two stars (**) instead of the 25th number and is a BONUS. This is a feature which makes the game easier for you. Furthermore, the same number cannot appear twice on the same Bingo75 grid, though it can appear more than once in different grids on the same Bingo75 ticket.

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