Prize Payment


How to Find Out if You Have Won

There are several ways to find out if you are a winner.

    • Watch the Lotto, Super 5, Bingo and Quick Keno draws on TV.
    • Ask any Agent or Seller appointed by MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited.
    • Check your ticket using the Ticket Checker equipment within MALTCO LOTTERIES outlets.
    • Check your local newspaper on the day after the draw for Lotto and Super5.
    • Call our Help Line Centre on telephone number: +356 2388 3333.
    • Visit our website at where you will find all the game results.

In case of conflict between the published result/s and the result/s provided by the terminal as registered in the Licensee's central system, the results in the central computer system shall prevail.

Prize Payment

The printed ticket is the only valid document for prize payment. The prizes will be paid to whoever presents the winning ticket.

    • Prizes up to €5,000 are payable at any MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Point of Sale equipped with an on-line terminal.
    • Prizes over €5,000 are payable during offices hours at MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Head Office (MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited, Hal Mann Buildings, 2nd Floor, Triq San Mikiel, Iklin IKL 1011) against presentation of a valid and unexpired identification document.

A 60 day claim period from the respective draw day applies for all prizes apart from Scratchers which has a 1 year claim period. If the last claim day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday, the claim period will be extended to the first working day thereafter. Provided that upon the lapse of this established 60 day period, any unclaimed prize shall be transferred to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority and the player shall no longer have recourse against MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited to such prize.

The payment of a ticket that participates in consecutive draws and wins in more than one draw can be claimed as follows:

    • After the completion of each draw at which the ticket participates and wins, payment can be affected at any Point of Sale equipped with an on-line terminal for the prize/s of the first draw at which the ticket wins. The same is repeated for each of the next winning draws. The prizes are paid within 60 days from the respective draw date.
    • If a ticket participating in more than one Draw wins a prize in any of the draws, you are entitled to redeem the prize following that particular Draw and continue participating with the same ticket in the remaining Draws.

The holder of a winning ticket will not be able to claim his prize/s if:

    • The winner is a minor i.e under 18 years of age, or a prohibited ticket holder.
    • The ticket has been tampered with in any way.
    • Both the barcode and the barcode number are unreadable / destroyed. In this case however, the Player can still claim his / her prize from the Head Office of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited with the relevant ticket, IF the ticket contains ALL the following:

        • CRC Number
        • DRAW DATE
        • AGENT or SELLER Number
        • TERMINAL Number
        • COUPON Number

    • The barcode is not readable and the authenticity of the ticket cannot be ascertained.
    • The ticket has been acquired in breach of any laws, regulations and/or rules at the time of acquisition.

Handling of Disputed Claims

The Agents or Sellers appointed by MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited and running the Points of Sale are responsible for handling any arising disputed customer claims. If the particular Agent or Seller is unable to find a solution, you can call the Help Line Centre (Tel: +356 2388 3333) of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited where, besides receiving certain information, you can also report your claim and the relevant department will provide you with a solution or solve the relative disputed claim.

Any claim in relation to a ticket must be lodged in writing with MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited within the game's prize claim period.