• A coupon is a printed form which is filled in by players to
   indicate their selection of numbers and playing options.

• Coupons are available FREE of charge at any MALTCO
   LOTTERIES Limited Point of Sale (Lotto Booth).

• On the coupon, the numbers and different playing options
  are shown in red boxes. Mark your selection using any mark
  within the box ( for example with an x or a • ). Do not write
  outside the box when marking the coupon.

• The coupon must be filled using a blue or black pen only.
   Do not use red ink, or a fountain pen to mark the
   coupon. No correction fluid should be used on the coupon.

• Should you wish to cancel one of the Game Areas of the
   coupon, just mark the VOID box in that particular Game

• Your coupon may be used with the same selections more
   than once. Just take care not to fold it, as this may distort
   the selections and / or make the coupon unreadable.

Click on the image to see the coupon enlarged.

Click here for further details regarding the coupon.