Fill in your coupon:

Choose and mark your numbers on the coupon, using any of the following playing methods:

Simple Column
Quaterno Plus
Fully Expanded Systems
Terno – Ambo
Quick Pick
Consecutive Draws
Different Playing Methods on one coupon

Submit your coupon:
Submit the filled coupon at any one of the MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Points of Sale (Lotto Booths). The lotto receiver will pass the coupon through the on-line terminal and once you pay the corresponding amount, your ticket will be handed to you.

Pay for your ticket:
Select your basic stake by marking the coupon: [€0.50], [€1.00], [€2.00] or [€3.00]
Note: In the case of the Quaterno Plus you can only play a basic stake of €2.00.

The MULTIPLIER option allows you to multiply your basic stake for each column created.
Note: A player will not be able to make use of the multiplier if in any game area of the coupon the player plays the Quaterno Plus game.

Keep your ticket:
Your ticket will contain the following information:
• Number and date of the first draw that your ticket participates in
• Price of ticket
• Type of game & stake
• Numbers played
• Number of consecutive draws that your ticket participates in