• Lotto is a game of chance using a field of numbers from 1 to 90. Five (5) winning numbers are randomly drawn from 1 to 90 for each Lotto draw to determine the Prima, Ambo, and Terno winning combinations. An additional three (3) winning numbers will also be drawn, so that all eight (8) balls are used to determine only the winning combination of the five (5) numbers of the Quaterno Plus game.

• To win, just match your selected numbers with the numbers drawn.

• You may play Lotto every day and up to one hour before the weekly draw.

• Every Saturday* at 19:45, eight numbers are randomly drawn in the presence of a Notary Public, members of the public, a representative of the Lotteries & Gaming Authority, as well as representatives of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited.

• Lotto has four basic types of games: Prima, Ambo, Terno and Quaterno Plus, and a fifth type, Terno-Ambo.

• In order to play, just fill in a Lotto coupon indicating:

   • The type of game you want to play (Prima, Ambo, Terno, Quaterno Plus, Terno-Ambo)
   • Your basic stake: €0.50, €1.00, €2.00 or €3.00
      Note: In the case of the Quaterno Plus, your basic stake has to be €2.00.
   • Your selected numbers
   • The number of consecutive draws you would like to participate in (optional)
   • The multiplier amount by which you would like to multiply your basic stake (optional)
      Note: Not available for the Quaterno Plus game type category.

• Submit the completed coupon at any MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Point of Sale (Lotto
   Upon payment, you will be given a ticket; this is the only proof-of-purchase which is
   required to claim your winnings.

* If a public holiday falls on a Saturday, MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited may decide to hold the draw on the preceding Friday.

A full list of rules can be found in the Lotto Players' Booklet which is available for viewing by clicking here or in booklet form at any MALTCO LOTTERIES outlet.