You must be 16 years or over to play or claim a prize

Rules and Regulations to participate in the Scratchers 2nd Chance Lottery:

1. Players may participate by posting any non-winning Scratcher tickets in batches of €5 in the dedicated ballot boxes available in Authorised MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Points of Sale as long as the tickets have not passed their expiry date.

2. Fill in your name, I.D. Card No. and Mobile/Phone No. on the back of each of the instant tickets. Players are to ensure that the barcode on the back of the ticket is not covered or tampered with in any way.

3. Participating Instant tickets shall be collected by Maltco Personnel from POS starting on the last Friday of the month whilst the Lottery will be aired during the third Super 5 draw of the following month. Four (4) winners will be drawn, each winning a price of €250 each. Nevertheless, any Participant in this competition may win more than one (1) prize.

4. MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Authorised Agents, assistants/employees, their spouses/partners and children living in the same household as well as MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited employees, their spouses/partners and children living in the same household are NOT eligible to participate in this competition.

5. The competition is only open to players of 18 years of age and over and a valid I.D. Card must be presented to be eligible to claim the prize. The prize must be accepted as awarded. No substitution or transfer of the prize will be permitted. Participants shall not be entitled to receive any prizes won by them if they are prohibited Participants.

6. The Prize voucher must be claimed from MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited offices within a maximum of sixty (60) days from the day the winning name is drawn. In default, winners shall irremediably lose all and any right to claim any prize. Prizes can be claimed during office hours, between Monday and Friday, except for Public holidays.

7. By submitting their non-winning instant tickets with the information required as stipulated above, the Participants give their explicit consent to MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited to process their personal details in accordance with the Data Protection Act (Cap. 440 of the Laws of Malta), and consent to the use of this personal information for publicity, without any further compensation, as well as to allow MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited to send future promotional messages about its various products through SMS and other means of communication.

8. At any time, MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter the competition, and consequently these Rules and Regulations, as MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited may deem fit in their sole and absolute discretion, without notice and any liability in the Participants' regard, but in accordance with the applicable law.

9. MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited shall not entertain manifestly unfounded complaints or contestations made by the Participants.

10. MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited is not liable for any delays in the delivery of prizes to winning Participants and damages suffered by the participant due to the non-observance of these Rules and Regulations. In the event that these Rules and Regulations do not, or do not clearly, cater for a solution to any matter which may arise, then MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited shall have the sole and absolute discretion to decide finally on such matter.

All winners are valid, subject to confirmation.

For more information call the Help Line Centre on 2388 3333.