Fill in your coupon:

Choose and mark your numbers on the coupon, using any of the following playing methods:

                • Simple Column
                • Fully Expanded Systems
                • Quick Pick
                • Different Playing Methods on One Coupon
                • Consecutive Draws
Submit your coupon:
Submit the filled coupon at any one of the MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited’s Points of Sale
(Lotto Booths). The lotto receiver will pass the coupon through the on-line terminal and once you pay the corresponding amount, your ticket will be handed to you.

Pay for your ticket:
Each simple column of five numbers costs €2.00
You can choose up to 20 numbers in each Game Area and increase your chances of winning.
The cost of play depends on the number of columns created.

Keep your ticket:
Your ticket will contain the following information:
 • Number and date of the first draw that your ticket participates in
 • Price of ticket
 • Numbers played
 • Number of consecutive draws that your ticket participates in