Every Wednesday at 19:45pm the numbers are drawn in the presence of a Notary Public, a representative appointed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, officials from MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited, and members of the general public. The draw is transmitted live on TVM and Melita Weather & information Channel 106. Click here to view the draw streamed online.

If a public holiday falls on a Wednesday, the company may decide to hold the draw on the preceding Tuesday. If the preceding Tuesday is also a Public Holiday, the draw may take place the following Thursday.

Results of the Super 5 draws are also featured on the local newspapers as well as on this website (click here). The information may also be obtained from any one of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited’s Points of Sale (Lotto Booths). Other content providers also feature this information, including Vodafone’s SMS Flash and Go Mobile’s IOD.


• To win with Super 5 you need to match at least three of your selected numbers on one
  ticket to the numbers drawn.
• MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited guarantees a minimum amount of €30 for any winner in the 3rd Category (3 numbers).
• If a winner is not found in a winning category, then that Prize Fund is transferred to the
  same category of the following draw.
• The minimum guaranteed prize for the 1st Category is €150,000 (or as maybe advised by MALTCO LOTTERIES from time to time).

The table below shows the Winning Categories, the Odds, and the Distribution of the Prize Fund between the three Winning Categories of Super 5:


The printed ticket is the unique valid document for prize payment. The prizes will be paid to whoever presents the winning ticket.

Super 5 prizes up to €5,000 are payable at any MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Point Of Sale (Lotto Booth) equipped with an on-line terminal. Prizes over €5,000 are payable during office hours at the MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Head Office against presentation of your I.D. Card.

Winners can claim their prize up to 60 consecutive days from the respective draw date. If the last claim day falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the claim period will be extended to the first working day thereafter.
The payment of a ticket that participates in consecutive draws and wins in more than one draw can be claimed as follows:
• After the completion of each draw in which the ticket participates and wins, a payout
   ticket is printed at any Point of Sale (Lotto Booth). The same is repeated for each of the
   next winning draws. The prizes are paid within 60 days from the respective draw date.
• If two or more prizes are won with the same ticket, the winner can claim all the prizes
   together within 60 days from the first draw date, or individually within 60 days from the
   completion of each draw.


The holder of a winning ticket will not be able to claim his prize/s if:

• The winner is a minor or a prohibited ticket holder.
• The ticket has been tampered with in any way.
• Both the Barcode and the Barcode Number are unreadable / destroyed.

In the case of an unreadable / destroyed Barcode and Barcode number, however, the player can still claim his/her prizes from the Head Office of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited, with the relevant ticket, IF the ticket contains ALL the following:

• CRC Number together with ALL the following-
• Draw Date
• Agent Number
• Terminal Number
• Coupon Number

You must be aged eighteen years or older to play or claim a prize.