Discover Syndicates

More players, more chances

Share the excitement of playing and winning with colleagues, friends and family by creating a syndicate.

Syndicates are a great opportunity to share the fun and increase the chances of winning.

Through a Syndicate, a group of players have the possibility of increasing their chances of winning by participating with more numbers or combinations whilst sharing the cost of a ticket. The number of players to participate in a syndicate and the amount to play is up to you.

For example, let's say you and 7 of your friends decide to form a Super 5 Syndicate, pooling in €14 each. This gives you an opportunity to participate in a combination of 8 numbers which generates 56 combinations. So if your lottery syndicate is a winning one with 5, 4 or 3 numbers then you will equally share the corresponding winnings. (e.g. If your lottery syndicate is the sole winner of a jackpot of €500,000, your share would be a minimum of €62,500 plus other amounts from the Second and Third category winnings.)

Syndicates can be played weekly with the Super 5, Lotto and Quaterno+ Games. Players have the option to either organise their own “Player Syndicate” or participate by purchasing shares in a Syndicate organised by one of Maltco Lotteries Authorised Agents which is referred to as an “Agent Syndicate”.

How to play a Syndicate

Play together, win together

The idea is simple. Instead of buying individual tickets, everyone pools their money to buy tickets together.

Syndicates give chance to generate more number combinations thus more chances of higher winnings.

Syndicate Rules

Simple & Easy

The rules for playing Syndicates are very simple and easy to follow. You can find more detailed information through the below tabs.

Cost Parameters

  • Number of Shares Available in a Syndicate
    Super 5, Lotto & Quaterno+8100
  • Syndicates Share Cost
    Super 5, Lotto & Quaterno+€4€32
  • Maximum Syndicate Cost
    Super 5, Lotto & Quaterno+€5,000
  • The number of shares of each syndicate is limited to those numbers of shares by which the total cost of the syndicate is divisible to not more than two (2) decimal places e.g. 11.20. If the number of shares produces a third decimal in the cost of the share, that number of shares is not accepted e.g. 12.4444;

Winning & Prize Claiming

  • The share ticket is the only valid document for share prize payment;
  • Any winning fractions (beyond the second decimal digit) remaining out of the share winning tickets, are assigned to the master ticket and can be claimed by validating the master ticket;
  • The prize payment regulations applicable for the games also apply for the share and master tickets. The prizes will be paid to whoever presents the winning tickets;
  • In the case of Agent syndicate, any winning unsold shares can be validated through the master ticket.

Ticket Cancellations

For Super 5, Lotto & Quaterno+ syndicates;

  • Master and share ticket cancellations can only take place from the same terminal they were issued. Ticket cancellations shall be allowed upon presentation of the ticket;
  • The time limit for cancelling the Master ticket and Share ticket is 10 minutes from the time when the respective ticket is issued provided that the cancellation takes place before the game period elapses;
  • Master ticket cancellations shall only be allowed if no shares are sold yet or any sold share tickets are cancelled beforehand;
  • The rules applicable for Super 5, Lotto & Quaterno+

Combinations Tables

More numbers, more chances

The combinations tables below show the game type, number of columns that can be generated and the cost according to the selected numbers.

By selecting more numbers, you increase your chances of winning.

Create a Syndicate

Together is Fun

Take the lead, be a Syndicate organiser and encourage your group of friends to create a syndicate.