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Welcome to the world of Swedish horse racing!

Any enthusiast will tell you that this type of racing is considered amongst the finest and most exciting in the world.

U*BET offers you betting on Swedish Horse Racing through ATG, a Swedish company which offers these bets in the Swedish market and beyond. Amongst the countries participating in such betting are Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Poland, USA, Australia, South Africa and of course Sweden and Malta.

By forming part of this growing network, U*BET horse racing customers in Malta participate in a pool worth millions of Euro! When there are Jackpots, the pool increases even more!

U*BET Horse Racing has something for everyone every single day of the week; from horse racing experts to people who don’t have the time or expertise to sort through the information available, as well as everyone else in between.

The two main categories of bets on offer are V BETS and SINGLE BETS.

When playing V BETS, the player has to predict the winning horses in a a number of races, from four races in the V4 bet to seven races in the V75 bet. Moreover, due to an innovative feature of the game called Harry Boy playing V Bets is accessible to everyone, even those who do not understand anything about horses or do not have the time to sort through all the information available.

When playing SINGLE BETS, the player has a choice of bets to choose from which allow him to bet on a single horse in a single race, if he so desires. Amongst the bets on offer are WIN, SHOW, QUINELLA, EXACTA and TRIFECTA.
A DOUBLE type of bet is also on offer on designated races in the afternoon and evening meetings.

You may place a bet through a COUPON or VERBALLY in any one of MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited's Points of Sale. There are over 200 Points of Sale in Malta and Gozo.

Credits: All news texts and news images used on this site/services are derived from Kanal 75. All start lists, results and statistics used on this site/services originate from ATG.
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